On behalf of our entire Tikkun Global Leadership,

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU for helping us achieve our goal. 



We cannot do ministry without your support and partnership.

Our hearts in Israel are overjoyed by your response.

We love you and bless you!

Ron Cantor



Strengthening Our Frontlines for 2021
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We are so glad that you are taking your stand to boldly say: I am with Israel! 

Dear Friends,

What a year we have been through together! The world has been crippled by a deadly pandemic, but Tikkun Global partners have adapted to the urgent needs in front of us.

In March, our partners were struggling to put food on their table because of the pandemic. I could not imagine asking people to give any additional donations at that time but the Lord nudged me differently. I called the team and said, “We are going to continue to be a blessing to the people of Israel during this crisis, and invite our partners to do it with us.”


“COVID-18” was launched that day, and you rose to the challenge beautifully. Why 18? Because 18 in Hebrew is the number for life.


COVID-19 stood for death, but together we gave a testimony of LIFE in the midst of it. You sent in gifts of $18.00—or multiples of 18. During this pandemic, there is power in continuing to give. Just like the widow in the Bible who took care of Elijah during the famine—and God then provided all her needs—He provides for those who give. Many testimonies arose of those who sowed into Israel and found the favor of God on their lives.

Your gifts have an important impact—here are a few highlights:

  • Many of our congregations worked with their local municipalities to help citizens in their community—what an amazing testimony for Yeshua!

  • You provided much-needed fruit to a few thousand Holocaust survivors.

  • In Tel Aviv, you sent our team to the streets to feed the homeless—even when all government-sponsored programs were frozen because of the virus. I remember seeing pictures of pastor Moti Cohen wearing not only a mask but ski goggles as he handed out sandwiches to the hungry!

  • You helped provide for families whose small businesses shut down.

Your support makes it happen.

As the end of 2020 approaches, your partnership with Tikkun Global comes at another pivotal time—in all honesty, we need you to stand with us again. Because of the focus on helping suffering Israelis, Tikkun Global became underfunded in other important areas:

People who are with Israel.
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